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Why should you use BIMStreamer for Content management?
Business model flexibilityyou can install BIMStreamer on your servers (Dedicated Installation) or use ours (SaaS)
Licensingits up to you if you want to buy lifetime license or work in subscription model
Data Ownershipif you have the software installed on your servers, all the data belongs to you only
Customizationyour installation of the software can be fully customized as if that was a tailored solution
Why BimStreamer
Freemium pricing modelif you are not sure you can always start with our free version
Modularityuse only these BIMStreamer modules that you need
Online appsset up your own BIM portal, BIM plugin and mobile all available in the AppStore/GooglePlay
Branding / Promotionhave all the apps branded to meet your Corporate Identity and promote your Brands

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